Club Marketing & Management Tips

10 Ways to Activate The Deconditioned Market

  1. Run satellite fitness programs around town.
  2. Develop a walking program for the community.
  3. Run an open house for people that "want to get started".
  4. Run a short term fitness program for these people.  They are more likely to buy a 4 or 6 week program than a 1 year membership.
  5. Have a fitness screening day for men and women over 40.
  6. Sponsor a lecture "Fitness over Fifty" by a local authority on aging.
  7. Sponsor a walking event to raise money for a select senior citizen charity.
  8. Take part in "seniors" and other local health fairs.
  9. Offer a "Quick Start 30" type fitness program.  Thirty minutes a day, for thirty days, for $30.
  10. Do a column or radio segment for your local media.  Feature beginners fitness type programs.
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